Educational NOTICE


All license and certification holders are responsible for ensuring the integrity of their individual license. 

The initial licensing and continuing education classes are provided by the Tennessee Housing Association (THA) as a courtesy to industry members and affiliates. THA is not responsible for a loss of certification or license, if you do not schedule your required training in a timely manner.

Please note the requirements of registration below, to attend one of THA’s educational offerings. DO NOT DELAY IN COURSE REGISTRATION.

  • A minimum class size requirement is ten (10) paid registrants. If less than ten (10) attendees register for a published class date, the class will be cancelled, and students moved to the next available date.
  • Please note that classes do sell out.  Maximum class sizes are determined by the size of the hosting facility.
  • Registration and payment must be received in the THA office at least fourteen (14) days in advance of your designated choice of class, as per vendor contracts.
  • Course fees are non-refundable, if not requested 14 days in advance of class.  
  • You are permitted to reschedule a paid class one (1) time, without penalty of paying an additional registration fee, if notice is given 14 days in advance.
  • THA will not cover the cost of your missed attendance.
  • Registrant substitutions may be made within one (1) week of class date.
  • If you do not cancel or do not attend, you are responsible for payment in order to reschedule.

There is now a separate registration form for each type of educational offering. (Initial licensing will be on one form, and continuing education will be on a separate form.)


Operating without a manufacturer, retailer or installer license will result in civil penalties.

Reference Tennessee Code Annotated 68-126-206 and 68-126-404, respectively.

2020 15hr Class Registration Form (pdf)


CONTINUING Education - 5 Hour Class


As a prerequisite to renewal of a license as a retailer or installer, the license holder shall present proof of having completed five (5) hours of continuing education in manufactured home installation.

Reference Tennessee Code Annotated 68-126-206(b) and 68-126-404(e), respectively.

2020 5hr Class Registration Form (pdf)