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About the Foundation

  • The Tennessee Manufactured Housing Foundation was established in 1995, by the Tennessee Housing Association to provide assistance for manufactured homeowners who are disadvantaged due to income or circumstance.  The Foundation assists in the repair and improvement of existing manufactured homes, and also provides replacement manufactured homes in certain situations.

Tennessee Disaster - March 3, 2020

FEMA Federal Declaration - DR 4476

FEMA Federal Declaration - DR 4476

FEMA Federal Declaration - DR 4476


 The Tennessee Manufactured Housing Foundation is offering $500 per family/home, in disaster assistance to those customers who meet the Foundation's minimum requirements.  Please click the button below to view a one-page qualification sheet, which must be completed by your home sales partner.  Several industry financial partners have indicated they will accept this $500 'gift', as funds which can be applied to your 'down payment'. 


FEMA Federal Declaration - DR 4476

FEMA Federal Declaration - DR 4476


Financial Assistance is always needed by the Red Cross in times of disaster, as they are widely coordinated with non-profits and relief organizations across a disaster area.

Needs will fall in to two major categories:

1) Short-term Relief/Recovery, and

2) Long-term Recovery.

If you would like to donate funds, search for an area where you can donate blood, or possibly volunteer your services, click below. 

Program Offerings

When funds are available, this program offers the following services:

  • Repair and Renovation Program provides improvements and repairs of manufactured homes for disadvantaged families. 

  • Home Replacement Program for families whose manufactured homes have a structural or safety deficiency due to age or specific event, and are damaged beyond reasonable repair.


 No age restriction of applicant applies, and the applicant does not have to own the property on which the home resides. However, other restrictions may apply. 

Minimum Requirements To Apply

Applicant MUST:

 Own their manufactured home with no lien

  Have owned their home for at least 1 year, with home titled in applicant’s name for at least 1 year. 

  Provide front and back copy of state title of home ownership. 

 Home must be the primary residence of the applicant. 

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  • In order to sustain its programs to assist families with needs related to housing, the Tennessee Manufactured Housing Foundation must secure gifts from those who share our concern for families who are less fortunate.

  • If you would like to consider a tax deductible gift to ensure a family will have adequate, safe housing please contact a TMHF staff member at

TMHF Fact Sheet (pdf)