Personal and Corporate checks are allowed in Tennessee.


Unfortunately, we were unable to reach our goal in 2016, and were therefore unable to contribute in all of the important ways needed, to bolster our presence and educate new leadership.  We can not impress upon you any more strongly or urgently, just how critical these PAC dollars become when you are trying to educate new legislators, while simultaneously continuing to build upon existing relationships. Please help the Association help you, by contributing to your industry PAC.

2017 Kick Off!!

#0c822c Raised 500 $ towards the 30,000 $ target.

THA – Political Action Campaign [PAC]




  • Every Legislative Session 3,000 – 5,000 bills are introduced.
  • Everyday Legislators make decisions that impact our industry.
  • The wrong decision could cripple or eliminate your livelihood.
  • Every year our legislative issues become tougher.
  • Having a strong, well-supported Political Action Committee (PAC) is critical in propelling the industry towards its legislative goals.
  • To legislative candidates, a PAC represents numbers, constituents and strength.
  • The THA Political Action Committee provides a unified voice for the manufactured housing industry in Tennessee, that positions us to meet the challenges of an ever-changing legislative political environment.
  • The ability of THA to impact the outcome of important decisions made by the Legislators is strengthened by our success in backing winning candidates who are industry-friendly.
  • Your personal contribution is vital if we are to continue supporting industry-friendly candidates.
  • Every dollar you contribute to the THA-PAC goes directly to targeted candidates.

Who will be the first contributor in 2017?


Well, that would be Mark Vaughn, East Camp Village!
$500!  Thanks, Mark!

Thanks so much to all who contributed to the 2016 PAC.  We appreciate you more than you know!

$ Amount $

2016 PAC Campaign Contributors

Alberts, Bobby [w/Clayton Homes]
Bolick, J. P. [w/Clayton Homes]
Clark, Randy [w/Clayton Homes]
CMH Manufacturers Division
CMH Retail Division
Gardner, Rick [w/Blevins, Inc]
Lewisdale Grove
McGee, James [w/Deer Valley Homebuilders]
O’Daniel, Ben [w/Northgate Parts]
Oliver, Scott [w/Oliver Technologies, Inc]
Sechrest, Lori [w/On The Level]
Sharp, Don [w/Triad Financial Services]
UMH Properties




::: 2016 Campaign FINAL Total