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Stan & Thelma Plumlee Scholarship

The time to receive applications has ended for 2018.

The Scholarship Committee has now entered the applicant review period.

A Scholarship recipient will be announced in April 2018.


General Scholarship Information & Requirements

Scholarship applicants MUST be associated with the manufactured or modular housing industry, to be considered.  For example, living in a manufactured or modular home; or working in the manufactured or modular industry; or by having a close relative who works in the manufactured or modular industry [such as mother/father, brother/sister, aunt/uncle or grandparents].

In order for a student to receive the entire Stan & Thelma Plumlee Scholarship Award of $8,000, the following criteria must be followed:

  • Must have graduated from a Tennessee High School (public, private, parochial) or equivalent (GED).
  • Must be accepted by a Tennessee institute of higher learning.
  • The institute of higher learning must be a Tennessee public or private university or college, a junior college, or an accredited trade/technical school.
  • Scholarship is for a maximum of four years, up to the maximum of $8000.  Tuition is paid in increments of $1,000 per semester, as long as the following criteria are met:
  •  Must be a full time student.
  • Student must notify their institute of higher learning, an official transcript for the prior semester shall be submitted, along with an invoice for payment and a stated verification the student is enrolled in the upcoming semester.  This shall be completed in order for the scholarship to be renewed on the per semester scheduled disbursement.
  • Following the below stated schedule, the transcript must be accompanied with an invoice, printed on university letterhead, along with a statement which verifies the student is enrolled in the upcoming semester, for each semester payment request which is submitted and received by the Tennessee Housing Association (THA) Board of Directors. 
  • For the fall academic session, documentation must be submitted by the institution in July, preceding attendance to the fall semester.
  • For the spring academic session, documentation must be submitted by the institution in December, preceding attendance to the spring semester.
  • If we do not receive the invoice, transcript and enrollment verification by the above listed dates, a forfeiture of funds may occur for that semester.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to remind the institution of this requirement, and to follow up with the institution’s assigned coordinator, to ensure compliance has been completed.

Criteria for Revocation of Scholarship:

  • Falls below good standing.
  • Not making appropriate progress.
  • Placed on social probation.