MHI announces a partnership with WeatherCall Services, LLC, to provide HazardCall for MHI Communities. (Please go to that link to watch a brief video to learn more.)  This important, affordable service saves lives and gives property owners peace of mind.

HazardCall is different from anything else on the market because it calls your residents, as well as sending them texts and emails when dangerous and impactful weather is headed for their specific location. Your residents receive specific instructions on what to do, such as “seek the best shelter immediately.” Most notifications from weather apps go unnoticed, but HazardCall’s urgent phone calls are designed to disrupt the recipient so they will take immediate life-saving action…. CLICK HERE, for more information!

Landlord/Tenant LAW

TCA Title 66, Chapter 28


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Assessment of Mobile Homes
Tax Bulletin 2016-01
Commercial vs. Residential Assessment

Tennessee’s Policy on
Water Sub-Metering

Federal Policy on
Water Sub-Metering

Community Owners –
If you are selling homes or ‘renting to own’, you must have a State of Tennessee ‘Retailer License’.